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Q&A with Justin Blake

Junstin Blake diving underwater with scuba gear

As our first paying client, Justin will always be part of the DAPPER story, and we’re so glad he accepted our invitation to be part of the Tribe. He’s a man of many talents, but if in a sentence, he’s an entrepreneurial scientist creating healthy oceans, with sharks.

What values or words do you live by?

Influence. We‘re all influenced by others, our circumstances, our environment, our people. But we also have a fundamental influence on those same elements around us, simply by being alive. Focussing on my influence in any situation or context helps guide my decisions and draw on inspiration to continue the challenging work of conservation.

Where do you call home, and what makes it special to you? 

My family and I have been in Cape Town for 4 years now. It’s a beautiful city providing an intimate view of the ocean as the seasons change. But I must admit that I have been viewing ‘home’ from a more zoomed-out perspective recently – one planet. We’re all so much more intimately connected than we think!

What are a couple of key takeaways you had after receiving your DAPPER book? 

I updated all of my online profiles. It gave me a single, congruent voice. I also got clarity on my strengths, voice and brand – which now guides my focus and creates a foundation or context for interactions with others.

What did you learn about yourself while working with DAPPER?

There is a lot of noise about who we are, and what category we fit into. Working with DAPPER helped me cut through the noise and focus on specific traits & strengths – this helps me to assign time and effort to the right things.

While working with DAPPER on your personal brand, what shifted in your thinking or approach to how you show up in the world?

I got more clarity on how I am perceived.

Why are you excited to be part of the DAPPER Tribe, and what value do you bring?

I love ideas and dreaming ‘What if’. Spending time with others enables me to contribute to, and benefit from, community conversations with impact.

Why do you think it’s important to have an authentic personal brand in today’s world?

Personal brands are the future – it’s about the work I am doing as an individual and the impact I am having on the world. The individual can connect with people one-on-one and change the world.

What book or podcast has influenced the way you see the world, and why?

Historically: This is marketing – Seth Godin

Currently: Pre-suasion – Robert Cialdini

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