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Curate Your Story With Content Pillars

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What stories are you proactively sharing to demonstrate and communicate your personal brand? 

If the answer is none, keep reading… you’re not alone. The first stumbling block is often knowing where to begin. We get asked questions like: What should I write about? Will anyone read it? Is it a good use of my time? 

Tackling the first question should provide some insight to the rest, so let’s start there. True to the DAPPER way of seeing the world, we believe that everyone has a story to tell – and often a whole tapestry of stories that can be woven together with a consistent brand message. 

Being able to articulate your values is the first step – as they are the essence of who you are and how you show up in the world. Next up, identify what makes you tick – what are you passionate, curious and knowledgeable about? Jot down this list and you’re half-way there. 

Each of these topics is a potential content pillar, which will form the foundation for the content you create. Wondering why this is relevant? An article on Later.com sums it up pretty succinctly: “Using content pillars for social media is a great way to stay organized, be consistent, and create high-quality content your audience will love.”

And they’re useful for so much more than social media – think blog posts, videos, keynote talks and newsletters. The key is to pick pillars that resonate with you, and are likely to pique the interest of your target audience too.

You can tailor content to each segment of your audience, and each platform you want to post content to. As Hello Social so aptly says, “This does double-duty of squeezing more out of an individual piece of content and sticking with the best practices of every social network.”

But enough of the theory – how does this actually play out? Following a recent workshop with a client, I decided it’s time to practice what I preach and map out my own content pillars, and be brave enough to share them here with you. It’s a work in progress – as most things in life are – and I look forward to sharing more authentic stories that are aligned to my personal brand. 

VITALITY– Zest for life
– Ideation (being fascinated by ideas & able to find connections between  seemingly disparate things)
– Health, exercise and wholesome food
– Share stories about what makes me feel alive to inspire others to enjoy every day moments
– Give examples of how I lean in to my strengths & embrace my Enneagram type to be the best version of myself
– Share recipes and food adventures that people in my network may enjoy too
CONNECTION– Nurturing relationships
– Interdependence not codependence 
– Connection to nature
– Tips and examples to nurture deep connections whilst being independent 
– Remind readers of the power of nature to reset, connect and rejuvenate – featuring beautiful places I visit as inspiration
– Mind, body and soul
– Work and play
– The past, present and future 
– Demonstrate the value and benefits of harmony in all aspects of life – for example a short morning walk is such a simple way to feel grounded, focused and ready for the day

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