Your Story Is Already Out There

If this is something you want to be more intentional about, you’re in the right place. We give you the clarity of purpose and the confidence to shape and share it.

Our unique products empower founders, CEOs and leadership teams to elevate both their personal and company brands. 

To do this, we need to understand what success looks like for each client, and what motivates how they show up in the world. As Maya Angelou so eloquently said,

If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going. I have respect for the past, but I’m a person of the moment. I’m here, and I do my best to be completely centered at the place I’m at, then I go forward to the next place.

Our Flagship Products

The Dapper 9

We know that your personal brand can be the defining factor between professional fulfilment and frustration. That’s why we believe it’s worth going the whole nine yards.  This three-month process is designed to help you unpack and articulate what matters most to you; with practical tips and branding experts on hand to co-create a cohesive brand story that makes sense to you and your target audience. You’ll receive coaching, a unique 100-page brand book, content plan, style guide and more.

Business Brand Strategy

As a founder it can be tricky to see the wood for the trees, and as a marketing manager to give your brand the attention it needs. Our brand strategy workshops and retainers are designed to weave a golden thread through all messaging and design elements, and create a clear road map for your brand evolution. Our process typically includes a brand audit, brand strategy, culture deck and photography.

Brand Yourself

If you’re curious to dip your toe into the world of personal branding, or just get your profile on the map then this DIY personal brand development product may be just what you need. It’s designed for students, young professionals and founders who want to boost their brand on a budget, at their own pace. Our practical tips, tutorial videos and worksheets will empower you to elevate your digital footprint in a way that makes sense to you and what you’re working towards.

Ready To Become Dapper?

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Our Story

Co-founders Emma and Lindsay were inspired by a desire to create space. Space to reflect, discover, connect, evolve, and redefine what success looks like. This commitment led to the creation of a unique offering centred around authentic brand development. Established in 2021, we are proud to work with incredible Dapper humans all around the world.

Dapper is the space where our skills and strengths connect, to create the perfect combination for delivering this work. Our experience in branding, marketing, design and business give us the tools to make an impact. Our unhurried, kind yet candid, and curiosity led approach gives us the heart to ignite our passion in others. 

Our mission is to give each client the confidence to embrace and celebrate their whole story.

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Who We Work With

Dapper Musings

Get Dapper On Tap

When we launched Dapper in 2021, we had just one product: the Dapper 9 (albeit an earlier version of what the product is today).  We quickly realised that it’s not practical to develop a founder or leader’s brand in isolation, as it’s inextricably linked to their company brand, and impacts

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Q&A with Jonno Proudfoot

Next up in this series is an interview with Jonno Proudfoot – who has been our client, coached our clients and is now in a forum with Em – so basically he’s a pretty incredible human to have in our tribe!  I’m an entrepreneur and I create products and services

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Q&A with George Eadie 

If you’ve been following our articles recently you would have noticed a few interview style posts with our strategic partners and extended team. Next up is George Eadie, an executive coach who our clients just can’t get enough of… and we don’t blame them! He’s smart, perceptive and a true

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