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Your company brand doesn’t exist “out there” as a separate entity. It’s so much more than that. You, and each of your people, form part of that brand every day.

And when you get everyone aligned and working towards a shared vision, you’ll build a collective brand that is memorable, authentic, and resilient.

If you have completed one of our professional brand development programmes – Dapper 9, Digital Fix, or Brand Yourself – and want to extend the benefits across your organisation, a Dapper retainer is for you.

Introducing the Dapper Retainer.

The Dapper retainer is for companies whose leaders understand the value and impact of professional branding. You understand our approach to personal branding and have seen the benefits of quiet confidence and cultivating joy. Now, you want to roll this out to the rest of your leaders, management team, and emerging leaders. 

You already know how we work on an individual level, and we’ll bring that relationship and human connection to your organisation. 

We work with business leaders and their teams to nurture and grow their personal brands, and the company brand, to enhance memorability, increase loyalty, hire better people, and boost sales. We ensure formal and informal brand activities are aligned across leadership, teams, and agencies, working smarter not harder to create the best, sustained impact. 

What do I get from a Dapper retainer?

We know you know your brand is important, and as a leader, you need to be its custodian. But we also know the daily realities of growing and building a business. You’re stretched across multiple top priorities, and diverted by daily challenges, opportunities, and fire fighting. 


With a Dapper retainer, you get the peace of mind that objective, focused experts have a bird’s eye view of the bigger brand picture, while you navigate the daily rapids.


Strategic Partner

As your strategic brand partner, we create a supportive, safe space for brainstorming, pulse checks, and strategic input. We’ll empower you and give you headspace, but also hold you accountable for key goals we’ve agreed on.


Creative Director

As your outsourced creative director, we’ll fill in gaps between in-house teams and agencies, making sure everyone is aligned around a single golden thread and your brand is elevated where it matters. This creates an intentional, authentic, relatable brand that supports your vision and objectives.

"Remember that trust is built up by consistency over time."

Reed Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder and partner at Greylock

As part of the ongoing work, we'll carve out dedicated headspace for you to:

  • Build an intentional, authentic, aligned brand. Online and offline.
  • Ensure consistency across all stakeholders with a clearly articulated brand and playbook.
  • Model the personal branding behaviour you want from your people. Then empower them to do the same. 
  • Support your junior marketing staff with strategic input – allowing them to punch above their weight.
  • Show prospective hires who you are, consistently and clearly: top talent chooses brands that resonate with them.
  • Align new hires quickly, unlocking their contribution to your collective brand.
  • Stand out, be remembered, and be discovered by your ideal customers.

How does a Dapper retainer work?

A Dapper retainer consists of a core of brand strategy and creative direction services. Then, based on what you need, you can add services and adjust the frequency of some of the activities. 


Core services:

  • Company brand strategy to align brand, marketing, and sales
  • Leadership one-on-ones
  • Professional brand development for c-suite and leadership team
  • Creative director support for marketing teams
  • Strategic thought leadership content creation
  • Video content creation
  • Dedicated Brand Yourself programme for selected employees

This is what other people say about Dapper

Who is a Dapper retainer for?

  • You are ready to level up your company, and want your brand to reflect this
  • You aren’t ready for a full-time CMO at your startup and or SME
  • You’re finding your social media agency is struggling to “get you”
  • You want to produce regular, quality content – and know you can’t do it alone
  • You want to unlock the branding power of your middle management and younger employees
  • You’ve just finished Dapper 9, Digital Fix or Brand Yourself, and want the impact to ripple across your business

But what if I already have an in-house marketing team and agencies on board?

That’s perfect. We’ll work with them to keep them aligned with our strategic conversations. Supporting them to elevate their activities and setting them up for success. We’re very targeted about where we fit in and which content we produce.


We focus on the big, strategic set pieces that feed into and boost all other activities. And audiovisual content that is difficult and expensive to do on an ad hoc basis. We’ll create compelling, on-brand content and assets your team and agencies can use as inspiration or repurpose. 

Are you part of an in-house team or agency and are keen to explore how we can help you? Get in touch, let’s speak.

Let’s start something great. Get in touch about a Dapper retainer today.

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