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Q&A with Rebecca Stürmer 

This week we chatted to our go-to Enneagram Coach, Rebecca. We’ve been lucky enough to experience her offering first hand and learnt an incredible amount about ourselves and each other in the process. 

  1. What’s your one line elevator pitch?

Feeling stuck, frustrated or disillusioned? My services help individuals, teams and businesses move forward FASTER!

  1. What’s your favourite personality profiling tool and why?

Definitely the Enneagram.  Simply put, in my 20+yrs experience in the industry no other personality profiling tool provides the depth of insight and the development paths to improve the status quo, not just for a week or month but for good.  The Enneagram’s data makes the connection between who we are at our core and why we do what we do, allowing us to grow our self-awareness and increasing our ability to achieve our goals.  The Enneagram delivers a healthy dose of ‘truth serum’.  But like any data, you have to use it if you want to change or transform.  The choice is yours.

  1. What is your communication style?

It varies depending on who I am communicating with.  Generally speaking though I am fairly direct, compassionate and positively outlooked in the way I communicate.

  1. What is your style of coaching? 

I have a supportive, all-in kind of style. I believe you can do and have anything, just not everything all at once.  I help clients reconnect to themselves, their businesses and purpose.  Listening and reflecting to help them get clear about what they REALLY want.  From there, we simply turn their dreams into projects!  I am also a ‘sharer’.  I am happy to be vulnerable and honest about my own life, businesses and experiences if it helps inspire, motivate and support my clients on their journey.

  1. What is one thing, in your view, someone should know before they embark on coaching? 

Coaching can be very powerful and is designed to move you forward. However, it only works if both parties are committed to the process. People need to have the right mindset going into a coaching relationship.  They must be willing to be open and to take responsibility for their role in the process and their progress. 

  1. How do you know when you’ve made a breakthrough with a client? 

With some clients it is obvious and they communicate it immediately.  Others take time to process and then reflect.  In all cases, it results in some kind of action or change – even if it’s just a shift in perspective. The client is lighter, more aware. Only good things come from that.  And it’s a pleasure and privilege to witness.

  1. Who is your ideal customer?  

Any client who has that growth mindset, who is open, and takes responsibility.  Someone who is willing to look inward as well as outward. 

  1. What coaching qualifications/ experience do you have?  

I have been in the ‘people’ business for most of my 20+ years of working.  I learned early on in my corporate HR career that a coaching mindset is the most effective way to create sustainable growth in teams and businesses.  Building strong relationships, not dependency.  In the last 10 years I have added to this experience by completing accreditations for both individual and team coaching using the Enneagram framework.

  1. Tell us a bit about your career to date?  

I’m originally from Australia, and after completing my Economics degree at the University of Adelaide I moved to London, where I spent the next 10+ years working in the Investment Banking and Consulting industries in various HR roles. I have lived in 6 countries, and worked for organisations such as Bank of America, HSBC, Barclays, Accenture and KPMG.  

Since moving to South Africa 15 years ago I have started 2 businesses (one of which I sold) and have become a truth serum coach, facilitator, and keynote speaker who is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others. At the heart of everything I do is a belief that the world would be a better place if we were all a little more self-aware.

  1. How did you get into coaching?  

Prior to starting my own coaching business I often found myself instinctually ‘coaching’ the people around me, both in my professional and personal life.  People just seemed to naturally open up and want to tell me things and I would always try to listen, help, and share an experience or two.  However, I really only became more conscious of coaching as a serious profession in the last 10 years when I invested in various coaches to help me in life and business.  The effects of coaching have been profound for me so when the opportunity came for me to follow my passion and create a business which was fulfilling and impactful, it was really a ‘no brainer’,  coaching just seemed like a natural path to take.  

  1. What brings you joy/ energises you? 

I love spending time in beautiful natural spaces.  I also like to dance.  Hearing my kids really laugh also brings me lots of joy.  It’s contagious, I love seeing them so happy and I love the effect it has on me.  What energises me, are people and their stories, I can be at the end of a really tiring day and then start a conversation with someone new and all of a sudden I am full of energy and completely engaged.

  1. What do you enjoy about collaborating with Dapper? 

I love the authenticity of every single person on the team.  Their passion, compassion, positivity and ability to see and honor who their clients are, at their core, is special.  We are in complete alignment.

  1. Tell us something not many people know about you?  

Hmmm, I’m a sharer so that is hard.  But O.K. I used to play badminton in high school and really enjoyed it.  I was part of the U15 State team and represented South Australia that year in the National championships.  And for those of you that don’t know what badminton is… it’s like Padel, just with a higher net 😉

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