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Q&A with George Eadie 


If you’ve been following our articles recently you would have noticed a few interview style posts with our strategic partners and extended team. Next up is George Eadie, an executive coach who our clients just can’t get enough of… and we don’t blame them! He’s smart, perceptive and a true Star personality – with a magnetism that draws people in.

But enough about George from us – here’s what he has to say about himself and his work:

  1. What’s your one line elevator pitch?

I help ambitious executives to derive meaning and fulfilment through the discovery and expression of their authentic self in the second half of life.

  1. What’s your favourite personality profiling tool and why?

Ooo tough one. My favourite is Wealth Dynamics. I love what David Whyte coined “work as a pilgrimage of identity”. In one tool it is both highly pragmatic and recallable at the level of personal development, team development and organisational development. And, it has depth because it is steeped in the ancient Chinese wisdom of the iChing. The Enneagram and Strengths Finder have been two tools that have had a profound impact on my life.

  1. What is your communication style? 

I love 1-on-1 conversation. Nothing beats stacking one intimate conversation upon the other for me. I love unscripted communication because it makes room for something to emerge between two people or between a speaker and an audience.

  1. What is your style of coaching?

My product is liberation. How do I deliver this?

I like to assimilate a variety of information and stories about my clients until I start to gather an imprint of their essence and its regular defences. From there I draw on and easily recall a great number of concepts, books, frameworks, poems, processes, mental models, past clients, personal experiences as well as the insights I gain from regular and various forums for life-examination. I use this mix to ask questions and to explore the inner landscape of my clients. I permission myself to share intuitions that occur for me. And then I support them as they grow new habits and pathways in the expression of their greatest impact.

  1. What is one thing, in your view, someone should know before they embark on coaching? 

I suggest one thing to know is what are the broad brush strokes of the whole future you want to bring about. If you have no idea what future you want, then that can also be a superb basis to start a coaching process! 

  1. How do you know when you’ve made a breakthrough with a client?

They normally have a full body response, which most often comes with deep relief and with words of appreciation. Also, we set goals with measurements and hit them. That’s fun. 

  1. Who is your ideal customer?

Someone who is ready and willing to put everything on the table, finally. And, who has a deep sense of self-belief, even if it’s taken a bit of a beating of late!

  1. What coaching qualifications/ experience do you have?

I have a Coaching for Development certification from the Centre for Coaching at the UCT Graduate School of Business. And, I’m a certified Flow Consultant (Wealth Dynamics) and Strengths Finder Coach. 

  1. Tell us a bit about your career to date?

I began as a management consultant for 5 years in South Africa and the Middle East. My journey into Talent Management happened at a high-growth start-up where I joined as the first employee and led the Hiring and Culture effort. Thereafter I had a period of independent consulting in personality profiling for executive teams. This period also included self-funding a mobile application start-up that I closed down early. 

From 2013, I spent 5 years in a leadership consulting company, invested as a 24% partner. This was my first true experience of skin in the game entrepreneurially. And where I gained in-depth exposure to executive development and certified as a coach. 

In 2018, and for the next 5 years, I took the opportunity to be the CEO of my nearly 50-year old family educational publishing company. I absolutely loved the role and the opportunity to lead through Covid, navigate a generational succession, and modernise a special company. 

Mid-2023 I went full-time as an executive coach, fulfilling a dream to do my best work to a global audience, charge in USD and work remotely from my farm in Elgin and be present for my family.

  1. How did you get into coaching?

It started when I did my Strengths Finder profile, back in 2011. It confirmed something profound in me: That I, like all of us, was uniquely endowed with innate talents, and it was my opportunity to understand and develop them, and not follow someone else’s development path toward their version of my excellence. This tool and strengths-based philosophy was the genesis of my first profile debriefs for others; I was a Talent Manager at the time. As significant, was that this philosophy aligned the interests of the company and the individual: the highest value for the company would come from optimising individual thriving. And so was born my fascination for the potential at the intersection of human thriving and business/ entrepreneurship.

  1. What brings you joy/ energises you?

Coaching! I frequently leave coaching sessions deeply moved and inspired. 

Hugging my two young boys. Going on date runs with my wife. Standing on the first tee on the golf course. Walking my dogs on my farm. Watching the Springboks. Spending Tuesday nights with my men’s meditation group. Being in the presence of my friends, even better, around an outside fire. 

  1. What do you enjoy about collaborating with Dapper?

Lindsay and Emma are special people. They genuinely care. I find myself looking for reasons to meet up with them to explore ideas, share knowledge and to connect as fellow human beings. They embody traits I admire: they’re committed to authenticity and brave action.

  1. Tell us something not many people know about you?

My older brother suddenly passed away in 2011 under mysterious and ambiguous circumstances. He was my number one person. Aside from the conventional preparation for coaching, integrating this loss has been a tremendous schooling. 

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