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It was slightly surreal to say these three little words out loud this morning – and take stock of what we’ve accomplished in one trip around the sun. 

This time a year ago, Linds and I were finding our feet at business partners, dabbling in all sorts of DAPPER ideas and potential products, and starting to put a few structures in place. 

Fast forward to today and we have learnt how to support each other through the array of challenges that come with scaling a business; we have launched two products:

  • Become DAPPER, our first love and flagship product for entrepreneurs; and 
  • Lift Off with DAPPER , a personal branding starter kit for students and young professionals. 

And despite our initial reluctance, we have embraced processes, software and structures to ensure our workflow is streamlined – most of the time at least! 

However the real magic is a little harder to pinpoint and articulate – it’s in the connections we’ve created with clients; the afternoons spent locked away evolving our brand and offering; the implementation of ideas from our EOA Learning Days and Accountability Group sessions; and when we create space to breathe – whether it’s enjoying ice creams in the sunshine with our team or popping down to Bakoven for a sea swim after a day of meetings.

I’m constantly challenged, inspired and energised by it all, and cannot wait to see what the year ahead has in store for us. Thank you for being part of our DAPPER Tribe and encouraging us along the way!

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