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As a human brand consultancy, we’re pretty hooked on creating and nurturing real connections with people. It’s central to our brand, but also to each of us as individuals – so as you can imagine, we’re absolutely loving building a DAPPER community. 

We’ve also been blown away by the encouragement and support we’ve received from friends, family, clients and fellow entrepreneurs. If I have a moment of doubt or hesitation I watch our brand video or read through a couple of client testimonials and I’m reminded that this is exactly what I want to be doing, and why I’m doing it. 

But we also want to be challenged, held accountable and inspired to take our brand to the next level. One of the ways we plan to do this is to draw on the expertise, creativity and insights from what we’re calling our DAPPER Tribe. It’s a WhatsApp group of people with shared values, and completely different outlooks on life. Each person is someone we really respect, admire and welcome feedback from, and this is why:

Jasper Eales

Jasper & I first met in an EOA accountability group in Cape Town, and he was also our very first DAPPER client. He is one of the most sincere, humble and capable people I know, with an amazing ability to stay positive and take things in his stride. 

Gill Wells

Based in Amsterdam, Gill was our first international client. She is an absolute power house; and her loyalty, ambition and quick wit are just a few of the traits that’s got her where she is today.

Steph Pope

Steph is the talented graphic designer based in Harare who brought our vision for DAPPER to life. Her warmth and stability give real depth to her creative side, and she always goes the extra mile, whether it’s for a client or friends and family.

Justin Blake

Justin bridges the gap between science, conservation and tourism – inspiring those around him with wonderful stories of his ocean adventures in South Africa and Mozambique. His easy going nature is underpinned by integrity, passion and solid values.

Mimi Sheriff 

For the past 20 years Mimi has been my sounding board, confidant and best friend – so there was no way I could start a new venture without roping her in somehow, despite the fact that she lives on the other side of the world in Newfoundland, Canada! She radiates positivity, coupled with a serenity that puts everyone at ease. 

Our first request was for each of them to post a quick message, photo or voice note to introduce themselves to the rest of the tribe. Experiencing their quiet confidence, authenticity and quirkiness in this format reminded me that they really do represent what DAPPER is all about, and I’m incredibly grateful to have them walk this journey with us.

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