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Q&A with Jasper Eales

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Next up in our DAPPER Tribe series is an interview with Jasper – our very first client and someone we have all the time in the world for. He’s a creative minded entrepreneur and surfer who is family orientated and loves the great outdoors. 

What values do you live by?

Open, honest, authentic, respectful, passionate, hard working, positive, optimistic, energized.

I believe you should get involved in the things that you are passionate about and truly believe in, as this way your work and play begin to merge. 

Where do you call home, and what makes it special to you?

I’m one of few third generation citizens of Llandudno and my daughter is now a fourth gen. I grew up here, spending many many days on the beach, in and out of the icy Atlantic waters. It’s a truly special place, for so many reasons. No matter where in the world I have travelled, I’m always compelled to come home.

What has changed since you signed up as a DAPPER client?  

The process has instilled confidence in me to do with my personal characteristics; things which I used to assume, but now know. I find myself using my DAPPER book as a guide at times while doing interviews or Q&As, as it helps me to use the right descriptive words and maintain consistency across my PR.

What did you learn about yourself while working with DAPPER? 

That I truly am the person that I thought I was, and can confidently back my previous assumptions. 

While working with DAPPER on your personal brand, what shifted in your thinking or approach to how you show up in the world?

I think it has instilled further confidence in myself, enabling me to show up with all the personal tools I require to get the task at hand done. 

What did you enjoy most about the DAPPER process?

I really liked the authentic and honest approach that it took me on; resulting in a finished product that I knew was accurate and 100% tailored to me. 

Why are you excited to be part of the DAPPER Tribe, and what value do you bring?

Being a part of a smart, small group of business people is always exciting. I like to think I bring some value in terms of brand awareness and development, as well as product development. I bring my honest opinion to all discussions.

Why do you think it’s important to have an authentic personal brand in today’s world?

More than ever it is important to have a strong, clear grip on your personal brand in this day and age. In a world of social influencers, remote working, and the ease in which you can start a business online, understanding your personal brand in its finest details will only give you an upper hand over the rest. 

What book or podcast has influenced the way you see the world, and why?

‘Let my people go surfing’ by Yvon Chouinard. This book is written by the founder of Patagonia and is the story of his life, mapping the development and growth of Patagonia. It inspired many of the founding principles of Sealand and taught me some great life lessons.

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