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Q&A with Amir Tal

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Over the past couple of months we’ve taken Amir Tal through the Become DAPPER process to align his personal brand, values and approach to life in order to set him up for success in the next chapter of his career. Amir is a gem of a human and an exceptional engine builder. We’re also working with him to digitise our business processes and we couldn’t have a better teacher. We call him the Engine Builder Sensei. 

Keen to hear how he found the process? Here is a short Q&A with Amir: 

What did you enjoy most about the Become DAPPER process?

DAPPER’s comprehensive intake process really forced me to think about my personal brand. I had to ask myself, what do I represent and hold dear outside of my business? They put incredible focus on this and curated a book which, for me, was a manual and strategy guide which I still refer back to, even to this day.

What impact has it had on the way you show up in the world? Could you give us an example or two? 

DAPPER made building and growing a digital presence feel safe. With my book I had the confidence and clarity to grow my community with the messaging that resonated most with me.  

What is the first thing you implemented after the process and why?

I updated my LinkedIn profile with multiple recommendations from the book. I had previously neglected my LinkedIn profile because it was easier to ignore. With the road map DAPPER created for me I was able to take charge of my profile and present myself as I am in the real world: a digital engine builder yet still deeply entrenched in nature’s interconnectedness.

In your opinion, what makes DAPPER unique?

They make the journey of building a personal brand feel safe, human and fun!

If our readers want to find out more about you and your story, where can they connect with you?

On my LinkedIn of course!

Look out for a few thought leadership pieces in the near future!

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