Unite Your Team in 2024

A strong brand narrative and open conversation around professional development are key if you want to keep your employees engaged, motivated, and inspired.

So how do you create this narrative, and get your team behind it?

Join us for a half day workshop designed to empower your team with a clear purpose, a sense of alignment, and an action plan to leverage their brands for success and make a positive impact, in both their role and the company.

What to expect:

A workshop run by our co-founder Emma Donovan and career coach Iris Smyth

Interactive exercises designed for your team and your objectives

Tips to reframe imposter syndrome as a growth mindset

A framework for your brand’s road map for 2024

3 accountability check ins after the workshop 

What we will focus on:


  • Get clarity of purpose – what is my north star for 2024? We will unpack questions including:
  • What are my professional goals?
  • How am I going to move forward and grow professionally?
  • Where do I want to be in 5  years time, and what direction do I need to head in?


  • Align around a common goal – what will we achieve together? 
  • How do we find alignment between the company’s objectives and what’s important to each of us. How can we support each other to achieve our goals?


  • Be intentional – how can I overcome imposter syndrome and leverage my brand for success?
  • What steps do I need to take? What does this look like? Where do I need support?


  • Create a road map – with clear milestones, tasks and due dates.
  • Ask questions such as: Is this monthly, quarterly or ad hoc? How much time do I need to set aside?


  • Assign clear roles and responsibilities – to ensure the brand strategy is brought to life by your team.

Cost: R15,000*

*For a maximum of 8 people. 

* In-person for Cape Town-based clients; and on Zoom for clients further afield.

About our facilitators:

Emma Donovan

Emma’s superpower lies in injecting enthusiasm and vibrancy into any situation. Her focus at Dapper is to create brand development products for entrepreneurs and leadership teams, in a way that empowers them to be authentic and create space to build their brands with intention.

Iris Smyth

Iris works with successful professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders who have achieved a lot, yet feel dissatisfied and like something is still missing. She helps them to achieve a greater sense of fulfillment, and move forward with purpose and authentic alignment. 

Find out more on our blog.

What our clients have to say:

Nicole Morris

Head of Account Management, M&C Saatchi Abel, Cape Town

One of the quotes Emma mentioned in her session with my team was “Your personal brand is what others say about you when you’re not in the room”. Well Emma, you never have to worry about leaving a room. Your brave, bright, optimistic, open and considered energy beams through, and is even more impactful than the incredible work that Become DAPPER does. I couldn’t recommend Emma and Lindsay’s services more.

Claire Osborne

Sustainability Career Coach, Claire Osborne Climate Coach, London

Working with Iris was truly transformational, both in terms of mindset and results. I’ve gone from finding work a huge stressor, to being energised and fulfilled by my work. I’m immeasurably more capable of taking control of my career and creating personal opportunities and couldn’t be more thankful for the sustainable change she helped to bring about.

Genevieve Lewington

Operations Manager, Amazing Spaces, Cape Town

Emma and Lindsay facilitated a brilliant workshop around brand synergy. It is a workshop that will definitely stick with myself and our team. Now to put plans into actions! Thanks so much Dapper team!

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