Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

You and your team only succeed when you have a purpose. But what happens when that purpose is not properly defined? Your team will struggle to focus, communicate and ultimately will deliver poor results for your clients.

Let DAPPER clarify your purpose in a workshop that gets everyone working together towards a common vision of success.

DAPPER Brand Synergy Workshop

Are your team members struggling to:

Trust DAPPER to empower each team member to share their own expertise with confidence, in a way that is aligned to your company’s brand and helps clients succeed.

What’s included in a DAPPER Brand Synergy workshop?

Audit of the content being shared by your company, with examples of how it highlights your culture and the expertise of everyone

Tips on how to create a LinkedIn profile that highlights your best qualities and shows the value you bring to the company

Tips on how to share valuable content that is relevant, and that will elevate a team member to be seen as an expert in their field

Tips on how to share the content your company creates, so it feels genuine, thoughtful and natural

DAPPER Vision Workshop

Are your team members struggling to:

Clarifying your purpose

Lacking the focus and exact steps needed to achieve your purpose

Feeling detached from your role

Struggling to show up for others

Our DAPPER team can help you visualise the career goals you want to achieve and the life you want to lead, along with creating a roadmap to get you there.

What’s included in a DAPPER Vision workshop?

In-depth discussions about what success to you feels like and the life you want to lead

1-on-1 coaching with one of our business or life coaches to work on what is holding you back from achieving success

Action plan and content creation tools to help you show up authentically for yourself, your business, and your network that is aligned to your success

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