Our DAPPER workshops are designed for key teams within your business.

They work well for leadership teams, sales teams, and consultants that you work closely with. The process can also be tailored for a board of directors or key role players in non-profit organisations. 

Fun fact

According to LinkedIn, 82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company whose CEO and leadership team engage on social media. 27% are more likely to buy from such a company.

Brand synergy workshop

In a two-day workshop, we will nurture and develop brand ambassadors who will understand the value of personal brand development and feel more connected to your company brand.

We’ll help your team learn how to leverage their own profiles to support your collective vision.

What you’ll get:


Clarity on your company culture


Deep dive



Vision board workshop

Let's connect the dots and create an action plan so that you can hit the ground running, with a clear vision of your end goal.

We’ll help you visualise your ideal future and create an emotional and visual connection with what you want to achieve, backed with an action plan to succeed.

What you’ll get:


Brainstorming Workshop


Interactive Vision Board


Roadmap to Align Purpose with Action


We can do these workshops on Zoom, but where possible prefer to do them in person, at one of the beautiful locations we’ve hand-picked to inspire creativity in a safe space.

If time and budget allows, we’d love to bring in the team from Escape + Explore to do an outdoor activity, wine tasting or sound journey as part of the workshop, to encourage everyone to switch off and fully immerse themselves in this experience.