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We are proud to have worked with each of these dapper humans. Here is their unfiltered feedback about working with Team Dapper:

5 stars all the way. This process took me back to what is most important to me and turned me from a social media sceptic to embracing it for the greater good of what I believe in and the greater purpose of what I want to achieve through my business. Lindsay and Emma laid out a road map that is easy to follow and kept me accountable! They have helped me see the sweet spot in focusing on my passions and reflecting this in an authentic way.

Ingram Casey – Founder at Escape+Explore

I’ve spent the morning going through my Dapper book and implementing your suggestions. I find it so interesting and have received so many messages on LinkedIn after updating my bio. I really believe in the work you’re doing and think there is so much potential and opportunity for Dapper – many entrepreneurs will benefit from your offering! Thank you so much.
One of the quotes Emma mentioned in her session with my team was "Your personal brand is what others say about you when you're not in the room". Well Emma, you never have to worry about leaving a room. Your brave, bright, optimistic, open and considered energy beams through, and is even more impactful than the incredible work that Become DAPPER does. I couldn't recommend Emma and Lindsay's services more.
I work alongside the Dapper team on some client work; they are fantastic people. They approach their work through a unique, personalized strategic model, and consistently show up with the same energy in person or on Zoom! No matter how busy they are, I always feel as though I am the only project they are focused on. Communication is clear and deadlines are never missed! Working with them has opened new doors of opportunity and changed my perspective on personal branding. Don't bother looking anywhere else if you've landed up here, you'll get far more than what you expect!
I really have to recommend the Become Dapper team - my LinkedIn activity went from weird and awkward to strategically relevant for the first time in my career. Do reach out to them if you are in need.
Emma and Lindsay facilitated a brilliant workshop around brand synergy. It is a workshop that will definitely stick with myself and our team. Now to put plans into actions! Thanks so much Dapper team!
It is so hard to find people who just "get it"... who "get you". The team at Become Dapper are a wonderful combination of professionalism and personality. They dig deep to understand your brand and have the experience to help you magnify it. I can easily and gladly recommend them, just as someone I trust recommended them to me. That's how you know they are good. Clients recommended Dapper to friends/contacts who they have valuable relationships with and are confident Dapper will take good care of them.
My biggest takeaway from the Dapper Brand Book process was being able to speak so freely in the Zoom calls, and have those conversations condensed in such a nice, concise way. Reading it didn’t feel alien, it felt like me, and reaffirms my views and approach. The best part is that I’ve now got practical sentences and paragraphs to use on social media and other platforms - which feel like I’ve written them - but Dapper did most of the heavy lifting!
As a business owner, I've never had the time to properly work on a vision for myself and my business. Working with Lindsay and Emma on a vision board was an amazing experience. It brought me a lot of clarity and the finished product is something I'm very proud of!
Dapper is a wonderful partner to me in growing my personal brand. They are energetic, helpful, skilled and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Emma and Lindsay.
Emma & Lindsey facilitated a two-part brand workshop for my business. Their approach was excellent: pragmatic, tangible, actionable! Their fresh viewpoint and guidance also helped establish real clarity and a clear way forward for my brand. Highly recommend these two ladies - they really know their stuff!
This whole experience really helped me focus on what's important to me and how I want to present myself professionally and personally. The end result of this all being collated in a book that I keep on my bedside table really allows me to refer back to what's important and keep my objectives on track. What a fantastic experience delivered by the DAPPER crew!
Really enjoyed receiving my Dapper book which captured everything I stand for. The recommendations on how to elevate your brand are extremely practical and well thought through. The best part is that I can now have Dapper on a retainer to ensure all those ideas are actually implemented as I don't have capacity to do it on my own. Great work Dapper.
Working with the dapper team has been a awesome experience. Translating my journey into a personal brand story has been exactly that - an Experience! The information I have learned about myself and my business through this process is invaluable and having a physical reminder that I can page through from time to time is the cherry on the top.

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