DAPPER Photoshoots

If you’re shocked at the photos that come up when you Google your name, it’s time you updated those pictures to tell the right story about you.

Let DAPPER capture you in a setting that results in photos that you are proud and confident to show to the world.

Are you constantly struggling with:

Trust DAPPER to shoot photos of you and your team in a relaxed setting and deliver a library of images you’d be proud to see on the first page of Google.

What’s included in a DAPPER photoshoot?

A collection of headshots of you and each team member.

A few team photos of everyone together.

Additional lifestyle team photos (in a meeting room, drinking a coffee together along with other settings).

Photos for social media, such as:
– Close-ups of office and desk scenes
– Abstract scenes
– Conversations between team members.

People really love working with DAPPER

Let DAPPER build you a library of photos that you’re proud to show the world.