Let's get DAPPER

Are you ready to become dapper and look dapper too?

Winter is the season for renewal and reflection. To encourage you to adopt this mindset, we’re offering a complimentary photo shoot valued at R3 000 for every new Become DAPPER client based in Cape Town. This winter special is running until 21 June 2022.

So, what's the big deal about your winter refresh?

We're glad you asked!

It's time to assemble the puzzle pieces to ensure your personal brand is coherent, relatable and stands out from the crowd.

As part of this winter special, you can opt to pay the R36 000 Become DAPPER project fee over four months, at just R9 000/ month (T&Cs apply, valid until 21 June 2022).

Examples from our photo shoots:

What you'll get:


Uninterrupted time with us


A practical framework for your personal brand development


An accountability framework


A complimentary photo shoot