Levarage your biggest assest: your A-team players!

A strong team culture and clear messaging underpins the successful alignment between the humans behind a brand and the brand itself. Draw everyone to be on the same page and motivated to shout your name to the hills with a DAPPER Brand Canvas: your tailored guide to appeal to and reach A-team players; and hold onto them. 

Why you need a Brand Canvas

You know it is important to have a team of empowered, smart, proactive and engaged people. But something just isn't fitting together.

Your team could be suffering a lack of direction and need for deep connections due to a few of these challenges:

We’ve worked with exceptional teams and entrepreneurs to create synergy between company and personal brands. Here’s what a few clients have to say about working with us:

All Brand Canvas packages include:

01 – start ups

Create a space where you can thrive. Guide rather than dictate the process. Be your accountability counsel.


02 - teams up to 50

We strive to keep things simple and create real connections with our clients.


03 - Scaling businesses & corporates

We like to work hard and stay humble in everything we do.


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