More about the DAPPER Brand Book

Our flagship product is designed for entrepreneurs and leaders who need the tools, framework and confidence to show up as the best version of themselves.

DAPPER helps leaders confidently and authentically share their stories as an expert in their own voice.

Do you struggle to articulate your worth?
Do you know your worth, but often have impostor syndrome?
Do you continually compare yourself to others?
Are you worried that you’ll be judged by what you share online?
Do you lack the confidence to share your story because you don’t want to be seen as an influencer?
Do you just not know where to start?
Are you paralysed by perfection or procrastination?
Do you feel you lack the credibility to be seen as an expert?

Many of our clients start out answering yes to these questions. If this is you, a DAPPER Brand Story Book is perfect for you.

Our process in creating your unique Brand Story Book will help you to:

Through a series of meetings, in-depth conversations, and workshops, we work to uncover what areas of your life bring your energy and what you should focus on sharing with the world.

We will deliver a personally designed 100-page bounded and full-colour A5 book that highlights:
Your Brand Story Book also includes tips and a roadmap to help you update your social profiles, create content and identify the businesses, organisations and people in your industry to connect with.

Clients have called their DAPPER books their safety blanket, style guide, and even a brand bible. It has helped them to feel confident to show up and keep their values top of mind in any situation.

What our clients think

You are more than just a business leader and the skills you have.
It’s time to own your story.