DAPPER Culture Deck

As a scaling company, you need to articulate and showcase your culture to attract and retain A-team players, strategic partners and the right clients.

Team culture and clear messaging creates a connection between the humans behind a brand and the brand itself. 

Let DAPPER craft your Culture Deck to help your brand thrive. It’s time to create synergy between personal brands and business culture.

Are you experiencing any of the following in your business?

It’s time your company invests in a DAPPER Culture Deck.

It outlines everything you stand for, including your mission and values, and outlines  what your team needs to do to achieve your business goals. Your Culture Deck is a document, video, or set of posters that everyone in your team can access at any time for a refresher on your values, ways of working, success stories and any policies your company regularly refers to.

The DAPPER Culture Deck is designed to:

Articulate your company culture in simple words, images and/or video content.

Give your team clarity on the company’s purpose.

Ensure all stakeholders understand and believe in the company’s values and mission.

Get everyone on the same page and working towards a common goal.

Streamline ease of access to company policies.

Identify areas for growth and development within your team.

Outlines how your team agrees to work together.

What the Culture Deck includes:

If there are areas of your culture that need work, we’ll bring in our strategic partner Credo Growth, who specialise in developing high performance teams.

Scale your culture while scaling your company.

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