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As an entrepreneur and leader, your reputation is made up of the opinions and beliefs people form about you based on your collective actions and behaviours.

Whereas your personal brand is much more intentional: it’s how you want people to see you; how you own your story, what you choose to share, and how visible you are. And remember, this is relevant in real life as well as online. 

Team Dapper will guide you through a 6-month process to get clarity on what matters, how to shape and share your brand narrative, and how to leverage it for success.


Curious to find out more? Head on over to the Dapper 9 page on our website.

Ready To Become Dapper?

What our clients have to say:

KJ Mahoney

Founder at Endow Capital, Vienna, Austria

My biggest takeaway from the Dapper Brand Book process was being able to speak so freely in the Zoom calls, and have those conversations condensed in such a nice, concise way. Reading it didn’t feel alien, it felt like me, and reaffirms my views and approach.

The best part is that I’ve now got practical sentences and paragraphs to use on social media and other platforms – which feel like I’ve written them – but Dapper did most of the heavy lifting!

Julie Langlois

Founder at Uplift Yacht Crew, Cape Town

From the moment that I saw how Dapper represented its brand in digital form I knew that there was something unique and wonderful about the company. My time with Emma and Lindsay has been so rewarding. They have gently guided me through their beautifully crafted and intentional process that has assisted me in getting more in touch with what is important to me. Finding my voice has been a big goal for this year and I am so grateful to the team for helping me through this process. Supportive, patient, kind, smart, nurturing and efficient are a few words to describe my experience with them so far. Looking forward to finishing up my personal and business branding with Dapper, and reaping the rewards from being truly authentic in all business and personal endeavours.

Luvuyo Rani

Founder at Silulo Technologies, Cape Town

I’ve spent the morning going through my Dapper book and implementing your suggestions. I find it so interesting and have received so many messages on LinkedIn after updating my bio.

I really believe in the work you’re doing and think there is so much potential and opportunity for Dapper – many entrepreneurs will benefit from your offering! Thank you so much.

Gill Wells

Product Manager at Adyen, The Netherlands

This whole experience really helped me focus on what’s important to me and how I want to present myself professionally and personally. The end result of this all being collated in a book that I keep on my bedside table really allows me to refer back to what’s important and keep my objectives on track. What a fantastic experience delivered by the DAPPER crew!

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