DAPPER Case Study | Video Content for Amir Tal

One of our most rewarding projects in 2022 was creating a short video series for our client Amir Tal. The process confirmed that this type of work really plays to our strengths and adds real value to our clients. “I did a 6 part video series with DAPPER. The shoot day was fun, friendly and […]

Tips to prioritise your personal brand in an office-less workspace

“Remote work is on the rise”. We hear this all the time, but what does it really mean? Well, it means that more and more people’s jobs are becoming office-less, and working from home has become the new norm. We then also need to be asking, what does this mean for our personal brands if […]

Perks of using a LinkedIn cover story: more than an airbrushed smile

Before the days of Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, social media feeds were largely static. You might have scrolled through albums of selfies, motivational quotes and the occasional video; which is where you stopped because a video of a baby cow is far more interesting than your colleague’s Project Management short course certificate. Video is […]

Leverage your biggest asset: your A-team players!

You’re an entrepreneur and you have a dream to build a strong, profitable business that supports not only your lifestyle, but the aspirations and goals of your incredible team-to-be. As a solopreneur or founder building your empire alongside your co-founder, it’s easy to buy into your values, mission and culture – after all, you are […]

Curate Your Story With Content Pillars

What stories are you proactively sharing to demonstrate and communicate your personal brand?  If the answer is none, keep reading… you’re not alone. The first stumbling block is often knowing where to begin. We get asked questions like: What should I write about? Will anyone read it? Is it a good use of my time?  […]