Burnout: How to Keep the Candle Lit

Feeling that end of year wave of exhaustion? You’re not alone! While burnout can encroach on our lives no matter the week or month, it is no secret that the year finale is often stressful, and it’s a common feature in the lives of entrepreneurs, students and business people alike. Like other human experiences, it […]

We Are One

It was slightly surreal to say these three little words out loud this morning – and take stock of what we’ve accomplished in one trip around the sun.  This time a year ago, Linds and I were finding our feet at business partners, dabbling in all sorts of DAPPER ideas and potential products, and starting […]

What 2022 Means for Us at Dapper

So, we’re a month into the shiny new year that is 2022 – the year we settle into our skin, make bold moves, and begin to switch gears – and it all feels so surreal. Typically as the new year rolls in, we pin up our crisp, clean calendars on the wall (or swipe to […]