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What Is Your Leadership Story?

I’ve started to pick up that more people around the world are using the word ‘Ubuntu’ than ever before. 

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Dapper Case Study | Video Content for Amir Tal

One of our most rewarding projects in 2022 was creating a short video series for our client Amir Tal. The process confirmed that this type of work really plays to our strengths and adds real value to our clients. “I did a 6 part video series with DAPPER. The shoot

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Burnout: How to Keep the Candle Lit

Feeling that end of year wave of exhaustion? You’re not alone! While burnout can encroach on our lives no matter the week or month, it is no secret that the year finale is often stressful, and it’s a common feature in the lives of entrepreneurs, students and business people alike.

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Leverage your biggest asset: your A-team players!

You’re an entrepreneur and you have a dream to build a strong, profitable business that supports not only your lifestyle, but the aspirations and goals of your incredible team-to-be.

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Why Personal Branding Matters

Whether you’re walking into an interview room, grabbing a quick coffee at your local café, or raising your hand in a lecture – people are left with an impression about you once you’ve left the room.  Your personal brand entails how you show up in the world. It is the

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