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5 Reasons To Invest In Your Personal Brand

You may have noticed that we chose invest rather than create for the title of this article… and you may be curious to know why.

Q&A with Jonno Proudfoot

Next up in this series is an interview with Jonno Proudfoot – who has been our client, coached our clients and is now in a forum with Em – so basically he’s a pretty incredible human to have in our tribe!  I’m an entrepreneur and I create products and services

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Q&A with George Eadie 

If you’ve been following our articles recently you would have noticed a few interview style posts with our strategic partners and extended team. Next up is George Eadie, an executive coach who our clients just can’t get enough of… and we don’t blame them! He’s smart, perceptive and a true

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Q&A with Rebecca Stürmer 

This week we chatted to our go-to Enneagram Coach, Rebecca. We’ve been lucky enough to experience her offering first hand and learnt an incredible amount about ourselves and each other in the process.  Feeling stuck, frustrated or disillusioned? My services help individuals, teams and businesses move forward FASTER! Definitely the

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What Is Your Leadership Story?

I’ve started to pick up that more people around the world are using the word ‘Ubuntu’ than ever before. 

Q&A with Iris Smyth

We collaborate with some incredible consultants and coaches here at Dapper, so we decided it was time to introduce and celebrate them all in a series on our blog. First up is Iris Smyth one of our dynamic facilitators who also happens to be an amazing career coach. I work

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