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Q&A with Jonno Proudfoot

Next up in this series is an interview with Jonno Proudfoot – who has been our client, coached our clients and is now in a forum with Em – so basically he’s a pretty incredible human to have in our tribe! 

  1. What’s your one line elevator pitch?

I’m an entrepreneur and I create products and services that make personal development and transformation look cool and enticing. 

  1. What’s your favourite personality profiling tool and why?

Enneagram. It gets dirty with my childhood woundings, and it is also brilliantly symmetrical and interlinked. 

  1. What is your communication style?

Informal, personable, honest and direct with a touch of humour. 

  1. What is your style of coaching?

My style of coaching varies according to each client’s needs. When a client is up against a barrier they can’t overcome, I go full classical coaching, asking probing questions, honing my empathy, and gunning for transformative epiphanies. Other times I give clear guidance, which is more of a mentoring role, around how to optimise each wedge in the Wheel of Life. I’m good at calling bullshit when clients try to play small, or point the finger at others.  

  1. What is one thing, in your view, someone should know before they embark on coaching? 

Changing one part of your life usually involves changing your entire life and because of that, you will only get value if you are willing to do the work. 

  1. How do you know when you’ve made a breakthrough with a client?

They go very quiet and then they can’t really talk sense for the rest of the session. And then there are usually several texts between the breakthrough meeting and the next meeting where I get updates on how different experiences in their day to day lives have changed as a result of the breakthrough. 

  1. Who is your ideal customer? 

Entrepreneurs who have achieved financial success and are now looking to improve the other areas of their lives like family, health and marriage, while searching for more meaning and purpose.

  1. What coaching qualifications/ experience do you have?

I got a few certificates from various universities, but my real credentials are my own life experiences. Growing up in a house with addiction, school fees from running a startup, getting sued six times, living on the edge of bankruptcy for seven years, breaking a world record swimming from Mozambique to Madagascar and co-authoring a book that started a nationwide eating movement. Sitting on the edge of divorce and bringing it back to a loving, healthy and fulfilling marriage with happy healthy children. Any coaching certificate added to that is superfluous in my opinion. 

  1. Tell us a bit about your career to date?

Aha, so I gave it away in the previous answer. 

I started out as a chef and soon after that I opened my own catering company. I ran that for two years and then decided to go back and study accounting. While I studied, I worked in wine marketing and eventually became the general manager at a large catering company. When I finished my degree, I took a sabbatical and went to live in France for three months. When I came back, I started training to swim from Mozambique to Madagascar and began writing a cookbook with a famous scientist, Prof Tim Noakes. 

The book and the swim were both successful, and in just one year (2014) I got married, broke a world record, became a bestselling author, and eventually launched a company off the back of the book called Real Meal Revolution. 

The company was also an overnight success, after we launched an incredible online course themed on the book. Overnight success brought its challenges and I ended up getting into several legal altercations. Three years later I was in debt up to my ears and picking up the pieces after all of my legal battles. The company stayed alive, and I have been the CEO since 2014 October, when it launched. 

Since then we have launched four new books, tens of different online weight loss and healthy eating programs and a number of one on one and group coaching programs. 

My latest project is Vision Lab – a high performance coaching company that I started as a side-hustle after mastering the coaching skills that I used in all of the weight loss programs we launched. 

  1. How did you get into coaching?

I became interested in coaching when I realised that even the best meal plan in the world can’t make someone stick to it. People need to change who they are and how they see the world in order to create lasting dietary changes. That requires coaching. It was a natural progression that happened while I fought to solve my clients’ problems. 

  1. What brings you joy and energises you?

When clients do what they say will do, when they say they will do it. When clients get results from doing the above. 

  1. What do you enjoy about collaborating with Dapper?

Em and Linds are so human and down to earth. When I’m with them, I feel like I am the star of a show and they are both my super-fans. 

  1. Tell us something not many people know about you?

One of my life goals is to spot the Table Mountain Ghost frog. It is endemic to Table Mountain, highly endangered and is mainly found in Skeleton Gorge. I first read about it in a kids’ book with my son. Now, every time I run in Newlands Forest, I stop when I pass Skeleton Gorge and get out my phone, ready to snap a shot of the frog, and start lifting rocks and digging in cracks to find one. I have reached out to a few hepatology professors and asked them to take me on a tour up Skeleton Gorge to help me find one. No luck at this stage, but it is only a matter of time.

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