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Behind-the-Scenes at Dapper’s Sillery Oaks Video Shoot

People at the Sillery Oaks video shoot

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to capture the magic of a launch event on camera? 

In this case study, we’ll give you a sneak peek, based on our videographer and photographer, Chloë’s experience at the grand opening event for Amazing Spaces Lifestyle Investments’ newest development, Sillery Oaks.

For any physical space and place in which people live, work or relax in, it is important that the essence – or feeling – of the space is captured and expressed in a way that not only brings it to life in visuals, but highlights it in the context of its surroundings; the details that brings it together; and the often unnoticed moments that draws people to it.  Capturing these features through videography and photography was a challenge we were ready to take on. 

The Preparation: Our Approach To Video Shoots

Our approach is to always be prepared! Emma and Chloë arrived early at this beautiful contemporary space in the heart of Upper Constantia, and were immediately taken by the unique design and luxurious features. This gave them time to get to know the client a bit, as well as scope out the location and lighting. 

Tasked with capturing both photos and videos of the event; Chloë came equipped with two cameras (securing two lenses for different exposure opportunities) and a mic to record the client’s opening speech

Typically we’ll have a team of two to circle the room and move between guests – capturing as many angles as possible without being obtrusive for those enjoying the event. In a crowded room especially, we take the wallflower approach to capture candid shots, with a few intentional ‘say cheese’ moments for a more posed look. 

The end result was a collection of high-quality videos and photos that showcase the beauty and luxury of Sillery Oaks.

“It was a truly rewarding experience. I’m so proud of the final product and all that our team accomplished,”

says Chloë

“Emma and the team really took the time to understand what we needed from them and came up with some excellent ideas which they put into play. The event was an absolute success, and the content was amazing.”
commented Julia Finnis-bedford | Director of Amazing Spaces Lifestyle Investments

Here at DAPPER, we are proud to offer videography services that capture the essence of a property, event, or brand. Whether you’re showcasing a new development, promoting a product, or looking to create a short video series, we have the skills and experience to help you tell your story in an authentic way. After all, how we present the world we show up in, and the people who move in it, says a lot about how you view and experience the world as a brand.

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