Success. Your Way.

With Dapper 9 you gain clarity of purpose and replace an uncomfortable relationship with hustle culture with success, quiet confidence, and moments of joy, embedded in your authentic self.

Did you try out hustle culture and find it’s just not for you?

A bit like an ill-fitting suit, you had to contort yourself to fit. Parts of you were left out, and other parts had to twist and turn to make it work.

Did you eventually decide the price of the hustle was just too high?

We’ve got a way more appealing alternative for you. It starts with paying attention to who you are and what you want, and then crafting your story to share with the rest of the world.

Meet Dapper 9

The Dapper 9 journey sits at the intersection of self-discovery and branding. Over six months we’ll lead you through a structured process to help you unpack what really matters and who you really are when you take your hustle culture suit off.


Then, building on this foundation, we work with you to co-create your story (AKA your brand narrative) and build a plan for how you can put this out in the world.


Dapper 9 balances structure and a proven methodology with space to think, reflect, and create. We know it’s hard to carve out time for yourself, so we’ve scaffolded everything with accountability and some tough love.

What do I get from Dapper 9?

You’ll complete Dapper 9 with ready-to-use assets, practical tools and checklists. These include an updated biography, optimised LinkedIn profile, your content pillars and a plan for ongoing engagement and evolution. These are developed throughout the six months, and you’ll be ready to create content with confidence from month two.


But, more importantly, we think, you leave with a newfound sense of self and a way to show up in the world with confidence, whatever hat you are wearing at any moment. This includes how you show up for your company, your team and your network.

Navigate your personal and professional life with quiet confidence, joy, and ease, sure in the knowledge of who you are and what you want. Then see the impact of this ripple out into the world.

Build quiet confidence

Find your authentic voice

Create space for what matters

Cultivate joy

Unlock potential

Achieve success, on your terms

How does Dapper 9 work?

Dapper 9 is a six-month programme, delivered online or hybrid, that takes you on a journey of self-discovery and personal branding.

  • Assess where you are
  • Co-create your content, frameworks for success, and roll-out plans
  • Build a vocabulary and narrative for your story
  • Develop your visual brand
  • Identify your blindspots and lean into your strengths

Dapper 9 is supported by coaches, experts, and proven tools and methodologies. We’re big on accountability and getting you from A to B within the context of your daily life and the demands on your time.

What To Expect:

Month 1

Kickstart the self-discovery process by sharing your story, doing some guided reflection exercises, and leaning into the Dapper 9 programme in a safe space.

We’ll carry out a detailed brand gap analysis for you, with suggestions on where to level up

Objective: Get familiar with the world of professional brand development and what matters to you.

Month 2

Gain clarity on your brand voice and how you want to show up by unpacking what authenticity and purpose mean to you. 

We’ll update your biographies, and build you a visual brand guide that you can use to update your online and offline presence straight away.

Objective: Build confidence with the right tool kit to allow you to show up in an authentic way.

Month 3

Get the vocabulary you need to tell your story by building a content framework with us.

We’ll co-create your content pillars, map out your content plan, and give you tips to enhance your photos.

Objective: Take the theory into action by starting to tell your story with impactful pictures and words.

Month 4

Dress for success in more ways than one. Show up on brand whether in person or online. 

Enjoy a personal wardrobe consultation tailored to your style and life stage. We’ll also develop your tailored media kit to share your story with media publications and podcasts. 

Objective: Feel comfortable in your skin, and how you present your brand to others visually. 

Month 5

Lean into your self development by working on ways to be vulnerable and learn about your blind spots. This will set you up to share your story more authentically.

Get your very own Dapper brand book to keep as a tangible reminder of the essence of your brand.

Objective: Ditch hustle culture and live your brand, every day. 

Month 6

Create a road map for your success by taking time to reflect and map out an accountability plan. 

We will guide you through this process to set you up for success, your way.

Objective: Feel supported and ready to take your next steps.

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Who is Dapper 9 for?

The established leader or entrepreneur who wants to leave a legacy, and be supported at the top – Dapper 9 gives you space to reflect, support from other business leaders (we know it can get lonely at the top), and a compelling way to tell your story.


The emerging leader who wants to succeed in a way that is aligned with their values – Dapper 9 offers an alternative to hustle culture that puts your values, ambitions, and whole self at the heart of your story.


Team leaders who want to show up for and inspire their teams – Dapper 9 empowers you to support and inspire your team by showing up as your authentic self, every day.


Sales and business development people who want to stand out, be memorable, and build real relationships – Dapper 9 gives you the tools and vocabulary to build real connections and relationships that drive long-term loyalty and ongoing sales.


Anyone who wants a reset and a chance to reflect on their purpose and re-energise their career – Dapper 9 creates the space, enables the thinking, and gives you the tools to press pause and create the professional life you want.

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