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Brand Yourself, powered by Dapper, is a three-month online course designed to kickstart your leadership or entrepreneurial journey through self-discovery and personal branding


You’re ambitious.

You’re hungry for more.

You’re really good at what you do. (And have receipts.)

You’re ready for the next step in your career*.

But you’ve stalled.

Maybe it’s imposter syndrome.

Maybe you’re missing your purpose.

Maybe it’s a disconnect with hustle culture.

Maybe it’s overwhelm in an AI world.

Maybe it’s just a blank space – you don’t know what you don’t know. Yet.

How are you supposed to find the answers if you don’t know the questions?

The Brand Yourself online course from Dapper is for you!


Empower yourself through self-discovery, start being you and kickstart your career, leadership or entrepreneurial journey.

What is Brand Yourself?

Brand Yourself, powered by Dapper, is a three-month online course designed to empower future leaders through self-discovery.

  • Gain clarity on who you are
  • Define what really matters to you
  • Distil how you want to show up in the world
  • See the impact of this ripple outwards to all your relationships

With Brand Yourself, you’ll build a strong, authentic personal brand, and gain the tools and know-how to leverage it to stand out and excel, on your terms.

Run a business?

Why not empower your emerging leaders and managers with a strategic partnership with Dapper?

We’ll facilitate co-branded, dedicated Brand Yourself courses for groups of your people. 

Emerging leaders: don’t want to do this alone?

Suggest a Dapper partnership to your People team, and bring together a cohort of your peers to support each other through a dedicated Brand Yourself course.

Why should I sign up for Brand Yourself?

If you’re ready to step up at any age or any career stage, but you’ve stalled, are procrastinating, or just don’t know where to start, then Brand Yourself is the spark you need to get going and keep going. 


Give yourself an advantage by taking a beat to figure out what is important to you today. And to remind yourself what gives you joy


If you build your personal brand with these at its core, you can put yourself out into the world with quiet confidence, authenticity, and alignment. This is the rock-solid foundation you need as you level up, take the next step, and follow your ambition. 


Practical outcomes from the Brand Yourself course include:


  • A checklist to get your CV and LinkedIn profile up to date and looking Dapper
  • A guide to creating quality written content, using a smart mix of AI and thought leadership 
  • A Canva how-to guide and templates to create beautiful, on-brand images, even if you have no design experience

With Brand Yourself you will uncover and develop:

Your why

Clarity around your purpose and how you want to be in the world

Your what

Understand your brand essence: your vision, values, and identity

Your how

A framework and process to help you articulate and share your brand story

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.”

Albert Einstein

How does Brand Yourself work?

Sign up for this online course to discover and create your brand, DIY-style, through a combination of online assessments, video tutorials, practical exercises, and weekly webinars.


You’ll get tangible outcomes and assets that you can use from the very first chapter. So you’ll see the results of your work throughout the course. 

Chapter 1: Find Joy
Chapter 2: Create Your Credo
Chapter 3: Design Your Brand
Focus: Self-discovery
Focus: Articulate your values and draft your personal manifesto
Focus: Make your brand come alive visually
Chapter 4: Own Your Story
Chapter 5: Share Your Story
Chapter 6: Say Cheese
Focus: Develop your brand voice and content pillars
Focus: Craft an authentic, aligned, compelling biography and CV to make sure you stand out
Focus: Sharpen your style and photography skills
Chapter 7: Curate Your Content
Chapter 8: Pick Up the Mic
Chapter 9: Build Momentum
Focus: Craft your personal narrative
Focus: Expand your audience and develop your media kit
Focus: Put content goals in place, then hit them

This might be a DIY programme

But you won’t be doing it alone.

Meet Sophie, your virtual study partner. She’ll do the exercises alongside you and share her work as an example of where you are headed.

This is what other people say about Brand Yourself from Dapper

Who is Brand Yourself for?

*At Dapper, we define “career” very loosely. Yes, it is climbing the corporate ladder. But it’s also starting your own business, freelancing, being a brand ambassador, changing careers, and returning to paid work. It’s YOUR next step that is important, whatever that is. 


We believe that Brand Yourself is for anybody wanting to reconnect with what is important to them, and then take this out into the world, confidently and authentically, to build the life that matters to them. 

Are you ready to get clarity on your story, and learn how to share it effectively – online and offline? Now is the time to build a strong foundation for your professional brand and future endeavours.

The package also includes:

A checklist to get your LinkedIn profile up to date and looking dapper;

A guide to create quality written posts, using the right mix of AI generated and thought leadership content;

A Canva how to guide and templates to create beautiful images on the fly, without design experience.

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